About St. Anne's Byzantine Catholic Church

                 Fr. Oleksiy Nebesnyk &             Fr. Oleksiy with his family:                Parishioner: Frank Vasile with          Fr. Oleksiy with St. Anne's

                 Fr. Timothy Clegg                       Wife: Pani Zoriana and daughters:          Pani Zoriana & Tereza             oldest Parishioner: Francis Thomey

                                                                      Tereza, Ahnesa and Edita

What do you seek?

Christianity, then is not a series of propositions or of rites but is life: a new life to be lived in Christ.  Our Church affirms a tradition of living a particular way of life in union with God.  We are baptized into Christ (Gal. 3:27) and in chrismation, the Holy Spirit comes to rest in us.  (Acts 2).  Our lives are then transformed are we explore the living of this Mystery as community.   You are invited to join us!

Parish Photos

Our Pastor is Father Oleksiy Nebesnyk who arrived in June 2017 to serve our Parish.  We are delighted to welcome him and his family.  His wife is Pani Zoriana and they have three daughters, Edita, Ahnesa and Tereza.

Father Oleksiy and family are from the Ukraine, and are busy getting settled here in New Port Richey.

​We continue to welcome them with the warmth of the Byzantine tradition.

Our Local Leadership